Small Group Study


Adult 1 (Young Adults/Couples) taught by Scotty Willis teaching the Book of Revelation

Adult 2 – TEMPLES CLASS taught by Tim Wright teaching

Adult Ladies – Esther Class (ages 40 – 75) taught by Carla Ledford teaching Lifeway EXPLORE THE BIBLE

Adult Ladies – Grace Class (ages 70-100) taught by Katrella Leverington teaching Lifeway EXPLORE THE BIBLE

Adult Men (ages 40-60 taught by J.T.Shealy teaching BIBLICAL ETHICS

Adult Men (ages 60-90) taught by George Shell teaching Lifeway EXPLORE THE BIBLE

Young Adults (College & Career) taught by Dave Wimer

Youth (7th-12th grades) taught by Youth Ministry Director Scotty & Lynette Willis

5th & 6th Grades currently taught by Chad Horne

3rd & 4th Grades taught by Marilyn McQueary

1st & 2nd Grades taught by Bill & Terri McCall

4 & 5 year olds taught by Cami Kinsey

4 year old – 6th grade using Lifeway Literature

Nursery taught by Millie Smith